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Birth affidavits are required when the circumstances of one’s birth haven’t been documented properly or if an individual has been born in a foreign country and wishes to be recognized as a citizen of that country. It is important to note that accuracy and veracity of the data inputted in the form is essential. Or you will risk being issued an affidavit of service by a process server and then pay a fine, or worse, imprisoned.

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Learning how to write an affidavit of birth is relatively easy since there are various examples that you can follow online. Most institutions requiring birth affidavits often have officials forms that you only need to fill out and have notarized before submitting. And if no standard form exist, a lawyer may draft one for you.


Passport Birth

Birth Certificate Affidavit

Birth Affidavit Record Form

Notary Birth Affidavit

Birth Sworn Affidavit Form

What Does Birth Affidavit Mean?

Born both pdf free download for windows 7

A birth affidavit is a sworn statement regarding the circumstances surrounding a person’s birth. This is often accomplished by the attending physician, a parent, or an older relative present during your birth.

Government institutions like schools, embassies, and Immigration Department will need this form if a record of your birth was lost or found to be incomplete when filed for a passport, enter school, or apply for citizenship.

Birth affidavits are also known as Affidavit of Birth, Birth Certificate Affidavit, or Affidavit of Live Birth. They work just like general affidavit forms and will call for a notary public’s signature.

How to Fill Out a Birth Affidavit

Follow these easy steps to fill out an affidavit of birth:

  • Find a person who have witnessed the birth. This person may be the physician who delivered the baby, a parent, or an older relative.
  • In the case of an incomplete birth record, you may fill out the missing information on the birth affidavit form and ask the witness to affix his/her signature.
  • If no birth record exists, fill out all the necessary birth information on the form and then ask the witness to sign it.
  • Ensure that both you and the witness are present when an attorney notarizes the birth affidavit.
  • If there is no standard Live Birth Affidavit form available, you may use affidavit form templates like the ones found in this article.

Birth Affidavit Application

Date of Birth Affidavit

Birth Affidavit by Parents

Birth Affidavit Format

Birth Affidavit in Doc

Can I Submit a Birth Affidavit with a Passport Application?

Passport application in the United States requires presentation of various documents that can prove your identity and US citizenship. If there is no record of your birth, you may submit a Birth Affidavit or Form DS-10 in addition to early public records and other required documentation set forth by the government. Remember that this form is a standardized form and different from affidavit of support forms.

Early public records may include primary school records, early childhood dental and medical records, birth certificates, certificate of baptism, or other records made before your fifth birthday. Note that when submitting a Birth Affidavit, you also need to submit a photocopy of the affiant’s (the person who attested knowing the circumstances of your birth) personal identification.

Guidelines on Acceptable Birth Affidavit

Follow these simple steps to ensure that the birth affidavit you have is accepted in most government institutions:

  • Make sure that birth affidavit is written legibly, without erasures or marks, and is notarized by a lawyer. If you want to practice filling out a birth affidavit form, you may download sample affidavit forms in PDF here.
  • Birth affidavits are signed by a witness (usually a relative) to your birth so make sure to also obtain copy of their ID since this is required in most government transactions like applying for a passport.
  • In some states or countries, parents may both sign the birth affidavit attesting to their child’s birth. If this is your case, make sure that both affidavits reflect the same information.
  • Also remember that government institutions will keep the original copy of the birth affidavit so make copies for future use.

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