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Manual of Disaster Medicine

  • Author : N.D. Reis
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Release Date : 2012-12-06
  • Genre: Medical
  • Pages : 475
  • ISBN 10 : 9783642834400
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This book is not a learned treatise. Its purpose is to render practical instruction to all those physicians. surgeons, adminis trators, and paramedical personnel who have to act in war or disaster situations. As a manual it is in no way a substitute for existing detailed and specialized texts on the various aspects of trauma surgery and management: rather have we attempted to collate the most essenlial knowledge required to organize and afTord medical aid whenever civilian or military disaster strikes. The man on the spot is hardly ever a specialist, hence the need for a imple s general manual of instruction. The organizational aspects of medical services in war are very similar to those required for coping with a disaster: indeed the military are often called to cope with civilian disasters. Our duty is to be prepared, so as not to lose life and limb for lack of foresight. There are repetitions in the book for which no apologies are made, since they always concern invaluable knowledge. The chapters are organized to afford an understanding of the organization of medical services, the cause of wounds and trau matic disease, and the pathophysiological processes resulting from the different kinds of trauma. The management of treating casualties is divided in each section into the three basic eche lons: on site (at the actual place of wounding), at the medical (battalion) aid station and in the field or base hospital.


By Stephane Gerson


Disaster Falls Pdf Free Download Windows 10

$26, 272 pages

ISBN 9781101906699

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Disaster Falls Pdf Free Download Windows 10

The five stages of grief are a well-known reaction to loss, but Stephane Gerson added a sixth when his 8-year-old son, Owen, died in a commercial rafting accident on Utah's Green River: He decided to write about it, 'in expiation, in homage, in remembrance.' The resulting book, Disaster Falls, is an excruciating read--and an invaluable emotional resource.

Few of us, fortunately, experience a loss comparable to that of Gerson and his wife, Alison, and surviving son, Julian. But as Gerson makes clear, no one wakes up in the morning anticipating disaster. Seemingly inconsequential decisions can have far-reaching ramifications, sometimes resulting in death. So it was with Owen, who was in a small craft known as a ducky with his father when it flipped.


The decision to take an 8-yearold through Class III rapids can and undoubtedly will be debated by parents who read Disaster Falls, but what of the countless other decisions we make? What constitutes crossing the line when it comes to protecting our children or letting them stretch their world? Or is there not really a line but a kaleidoscope of random, inexplicable occurrences?

Gerson, a cultural historian and professor of French studies at New York University, writes unflinchingly of the accident, its immediate aftermath and its effect on him and his family. If you wonder how couples stay together--or break apart--after a devastating loss, his insights are illuminating. And how should you respond to a family that's going through such a tragedy? Gerson's reactions to well-meaning attempts at connection might surprise you.

Not so surprisingly, a legal battle emerges toward the end of the book, bringing with it some of Gerson's most powerful writing. For the Gersons, as with all families, the journey continues along life's never-ending river.

Disaster Falls PDF Free Download
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