Dog Flowers PDF Free Download

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All the flowers in my garden are blooming at the moment and it looks beautiful. Feeling inspired by the florals in my garden I have curated some gorgeous vintage flower pictures which are free for you to download.

As these flower pictures are all over a hundred years, they were a bit faded and dull. Therefore, I have cleaned up the originals slightly and brightened them up for you. So they would look great printed on to good quality paper and displayed on a gallery wall. If you want inspiration on how to style a gallery wall there are some fabulous ideas on Apartment Therapy.

These flower prints would also be great to decoupage with. Whether its a tin can or to turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a fabulous art piece.

Gorgeous Printable Vintage Flower Pictures

The collection includes many of my favourite flowers from all over the world.

These include such flowers as Roses including a Chinese rose, Iris, Peony & Aneome.

Dog Flowers PDF Free Download

There are 2 gorgeous collections of painted flowers including one of some lovely meadow flowers painted by the famous French painter Adolphe Millot. The other is a beautiful arrangement of florals which I think would look fantastic decoupaged onto furniture.

The PDF downloaded flowers will be of a higher resolution then the images below.

To download the flowers just click on the highlighted title link and a PDF of the flower will automatically download to your device.

The Free Printable Vintage Flower Pictures

1. Rosa Cerasocarpa

The Rosa cerasocarpa is a species in the genus Rosa. It is a climbing plant from China that can grow up to 6m. It produces flowers with five white petals and flowers from April to June. The climbers carry red hips.

This beautiful illustration is from the 1916 edition of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine. The vintage flower painting was by John Nugent Fitch a British botanical illustrator.

2. Adolphe Millot fleurs

This beautiful botanical poster is by Adolphe Millot and from the famous French encyclopedia Nouveau Larousse Illustre.

There is a key in French at the bottom of the poster identifying over 60 common flowers. From, tulips, anemones, dahlias, amaryllis, foxgloves, poppies and many more.

Dog Flowers Pdf Free Download Windows 10

This is one of several stunning Adolphe Millot antique otanical posters the others can be download here.

3. Anemone nemorosa

This is a Dutch vintage flower picture from 1889 in the publication “Flora Batava. Afbeelding en Beschrijving der Nederlandsche Gewassen.”

Anemone nemorosa, is more commonly known as the wood anemone. It is an early-spring flowering plant in the buttercup family and native to Europe.

4. Argyreia nitida

I don’t know much about this flower except that it is native to the Philippines this particular vintage floral painting is from the book “Flora de Filipinas” 1880.

5. Common Peony

A vibrant painting of the common peony (Paeonia officinalis) form the German book on medicinal flowers, “Flora medica, oder, Abbildung der wichtigsten officinellen Pflanzen” 1831.

The Paeonia officinalis is a peony native to Europe and was first used for medicinal purposes, then grown as an ornamental plant.

Find more gorgeous free peony paintings here.

6. Orchid Disa Unifora

Disa uniflora, also known as the Pride of Table Mountain, is a South African species of orchid.

This vintage flower picture is from “The botanical register” vol. 11 pl. 1825.

7. Iris

This beautiful botanical blue iris illustration was painted in 1776 and is from the book “Flora Parisiensis“.

8. Vintage Flower Picture – Yellow Flower

I don’t know what species of flower this yellow flower is, It is from the Floras Dictionary 1855.

It does look like it could be a vintage daffodil drawing.

9. Floral Wreath

This gorgeous vintage flora wreath painting is from the 1650’s and by Johannes Simon Holtzbecher.

It contains an assortment of flowers including peonies, botanical roses and tulips.

Free Download Of Flower Pictures

10. Rosa corymbulosa


Another Chinese variety of rose from Curits’s Botanical Magazine, 1914.

11. Opium Poppy

Pdf Download

Vintage pictures of poppies to download: Opium Poppy. From the 1910 book ” Die Giftpflanzen Deutschlands ” (The poisonous plants of Germany) by Peter Esser.

12. Sunflower

A gorgeous sunflower drawing by the Dutch artist Johannes Teyler . He was a Dutch Golden Age painter, an engraver, mathematics teacher, and inventor of the colour print.

This sunflower was painted in the late 17th century sometime between 1698-1699.

13. Magnoila Cambelli

This vintage flower picture is a magnolia painting is by the British botanist and explorer Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. He was the closet friend of Charles Darwin and director of Kew Gardens. Hooker named this species of Magnolia after Archibald Campbell, Superintendent of Darjeeling (India).

14. Vintage Flower Picture – White Water Lilly

The colors with this Art Nouveau flower botanical illustration are wonderful and subtle. I love the blue of the water and the white and pink of the flower.

There are many more vintage flower botanicals prints free to download on Pictureboxblue sorted by flower type, from wild bluebell illustrations to beautiful roses and stunning sunflower drawings to name a few.

If you like these then you may love these gorgeous antique watercolor fruit images to download. Or these vintage seed packets.