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Fist Stick Knife Gun PDF Free DownloadFist
A candid and riveting memoir from the founder of Harlem Children's Zone, taking readers through his Canada in which violence stalked every street corner.

Long before the avalanche of praise for his work—from Oprah Winfrey, from President Bill Clinton, from President Barack Obama—long before he became known for his talk show appearances, Members Project spots, and documentaries like Waiting for “Superman”, Geoffrey Canada was a small boy growing up scared on the mean streets of the South Bronx. His childhood world was one where “sidewalk boys” learned the codes of the block and were ranked through the rituals of fist, stick, and knife. Then the streets changed, and the stakes got even higher.

Fist Stick Knife Gun PDF Free Download

  • Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence by Geoffrey Canada. After you've bought this ebook, you can choose to download either the PDF version or the ePub, or both. The publisher has supplied this book in DRM Free form with digital watermarking. Required software.
  • FIST STICK KNIFE GUN: A PERSONAL HISTORY OF VIOLEN. Balled up in the receipt. I couldn't move. My new friend was robbing me. He grabbed my hand and began to take the money I watched him as if it was a movie. The thought came to me, Hit him with the can of pork and beans in the bag. He didn't know what was in there.
  • Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun by Geoffrey Canada (Boston, Mass.: Beacon Press, 2010.) Author: Geoffrey Canada (born January 13, 1952) is an African American social activist and educator. Since 1990, Canada has been president and CEO of the Harlem Children's Zone in Harlem, New York, an organization which states its goal is to increase high school.

Fist Stick Knife Gun Pdf

Students read the first chapter of Fist Stick Knife Gun in class. Students take home and read “The Street,” an excerpt of Richard Wright’s Black Boy. Students have two days to complete a homework assignment of writing an essay comparing the incidents in the first chapter of Fist Stick Knife Gun with the incidents in “The Street.