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Girl alone pdf free download free

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The long, bare room had never been graced by a picture or a curtain. Its
only furniture was twenty narrow iron cots. Four girls were scrubbing the
warped, wide-planked floor, three of them pitifully young for the hard
work, the baby of them being only six, the oldest nine. The fourth, who
directed their labors, rising from her knees sometimes to help one of her
small crew, was just turned sixteen, but she looked in her short, skimpy

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dress of faded blue and white checked gingham, not more than twelve or
“Sal-lee,” the six-year-old called out in a coaxing whine, as she sloshed a
dirty rag up and down in a pail of soapy water, “play-act for us, won’t you,
Sal-lee? ’Tend like you’re a queen and I’m your little girl. I’d be a princess,
wouldn’t I, Sal-lee?”
The child sat back on her thin little haunches, one small hand plucking at
the skimpy skirt of her own faded blue and white gingham, an exact
replica, except for size, of the frocks worn by the three other scrubbers. “I’ll
’tend like I’ve got on a white satin dress, Sal-lee—”
Sally Ford lifted a strand of fine black hair that had escaped from the tight,
thick braid that hung down her narrow back, tucked it behind a wellshaped
ear, and smiled fondly upon the tiny pleader. It was a miracleworking
smile. Before the miracle, that small, pale face had looked like that
of a serious little old woman, the brows knotted, the mouth tight in a frown
of concentration.
But when she smiled she became a pretty girl. Her blue eyes, that had
looked almost as faded as her dress, darkened and gleamed like a pair of
perfectly matched sapphires. Delicate, wing-like eyebrows, even blacker
than her hair, lost their sullenness, assumed a lovely, provocative arch. Her
white cheeks gleamed. Her little pale mouth, unpuckered of its frown,
bloomed suddenly, like a tea rose opening. Even, pointed, narrow teeth, to
fit the narrowness of her delicate, childish jaw, flashed into that smile,

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Girl Alone PDF Free Download

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