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Download or read book entitled Imagined Londons written by Pamela K. Gilbert and published by SUNY Press online. This book was released on 26 September 2002 with total page 257 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. What are you looking for Book 'Imagined London'? Click 'Read Now PDF' / 'Download', Get it for FREE, Register 100% Easily. Click 'Read Now PDF' / 'Download', Get it for FREE, Register 100% Easily. You can read all your books for as long as a month for FREE and will get the latest Books Notifications. Download Imagined Londons - by Pamela K. Gilbert in Pdf ePub ebook. Imagined londons explores the diverse ways that britain s global city has been im. » Download Imagined London: A Tour of the World's Greatest Fictional City (National Geographic Directions) PDF « Our solutions was introduced with a wish to serve as a full online computerized catalogue that offers entry to great number of PDF file e.

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Imagined Londons

Genre History
File size405 kb
File formatPDF

Imagined Londons explores the diverse ways that Britain's 'global city' has been imagined and represented in literature, history, the arts, and popular culture, from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. American and British contributors examine a variety of topics, ranging from poetry to architecture, from dance music to gay pornography, from 'tube' maps to the role of Bangladeshi communities in shaping contemporary London politics. Broadly interdisciplinary and deeply attentive to London's historical diversity, the book is unified by its attention to a single question: How have the many imaginations and representations of London shaped -- and been shaped by -- history and culture? The answers provided within this volume offer the chance to view London in surprising new ways.

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The Cultural Construction of London's East End

Genre Architecture
AuthorPaul Newland
File size1798 kb
File formatPDF

Paul Newland's illuminating study explores the ways in which London's East End has been constituted in a wide variety of texts – films, novels, poetry, television shows, newspapers and journals. Newland argues that an idea or image of the East End, which developed during the late nineteenth century, continues to function in the twenty-first century as an imaginative space in which continuing anxieties continue to be worked through concerning material progress and modernity, rationality and irrationality, ethnicity and 'Otherness', class and its related systems of behaviour.The Cultural Construction of London's East End offers detailed examinations of the ways in which the East End has been constructed in a range of texts including BBC Television'sEastEnders, Monica Ali's Brick Lane, Walter Besant's All Sorts and Conditions of Men, Thomas Burke'sLimehouse Nights, Peter Ackroyd's Hawksmoor, films such as Piccadilly, Sparrows Can't Sing, The Long Good Friday, From Hell, The Elephant Man, and Spider, and in the work of Iain Sinclair.

Reading London's Suburbs

Genre Literary Criticism
AuthorG. Pope
File size777 kb
File formatPDF

A study of London suburban-set writing, exploring the links between place and fiction. This book charts a picture of evolving themes and concerns around the legibility and meaning of habitat and home for the individual, and the serious challenges that suburbia sets for literature.

New Zealand's London

Genre History
AuthorFelicity Barnes
File size1271 kb
File formatPDF

Antipodean soldiers and writers, meat carcasses and moa, British films and Kiwi tourists—throughout the last 150 years, people, objects and ideas have gone back and forth between New Zealand and London, defining and redefining the relationship between this country and the colonial center that many New Zealanders once called home. Exploring the relationship between a colony and its metropolis from Wakefield to the Wombles, it answers questions, including How did New Zealanders define themselves in relation to the center of British culture? and How did New Zealanders view London when they walked through King’s Cross or saw the city in movies? By focusing on particular themes—from agricultural marketing to expatriate writers—this discussion develops a larger story about the construction of colonial and national identities.

London in Cinema

Genre Performing Arts
AuthorCharlotte Brunsdon
File size617 kb
File formatPDF

Charlotte Brunsdon's illuminating study explores the variety of cinematic 'Londons' that appear in films made since 1945. Brunsdon traces the familiar ways that film-makers establish that a film is set in London, by use of recognisable landmarks and the city's shorthand iconography of red buses and black taxis, as well as the ways in which these icons are avoided. She looks at London weather – fog and rain – and everyday locations like the pub and the housing estate, while also examining the recurring patterns of representation associated with films set in the East and West Ends of London, from Spring in Park Lane (1948) to Mona Lisa (1986), and from Night and the City (1950) to From Hell (2001). Brunsdon provides a detailed analysis of a selection of films, exploring their contribution to the cinematic geography of London, and showing the ways in which feature films have responded to, and created, changing views of the city. She traces London's transformation from imperial capital to global city through the different ways in which the local is imagined in films ranging from Ealing comedies to Pressure (1974), as well as through the shifting imagery of the River Thames and the Docks. She addresses the role of cinematic genres such as horror and film noir in the constitution of the cinematic city, as well as the recurrence of figures such as the cockney, the gangster and the housewife. Challenging the view that London is not a particularly cinematic city, Brunsdon demonstrates that many London-set films offer their own meditation on the complex relationships between the cinema and the city.

London Clubland

Genre History
AuthorA. Milne-Smith
File size1478 kb
File formatPDF

This work is the first to study the gentlemen's clubs that were an important feature of the Late Victorian landscape, and the first to discover the secret history of clubmen and their world, placing them at centre stage, detailing how clubland dramatically shaped 19th and early 20th-century ideas about gender, power, class, and the city.

Imagining the Future City

Genre Architecture
AuthorSarah Bell,James Paskins
File size466 kb
File formatPDF

London is one of the world’s leading cities. It is home to an extraordinary concentration and diversity of people, industries, politics, religions and ideas, and plays an important role in our highly globalised and tightly networked modern world. What does the future hold for London? Investigating any aspect of the city’s future reveals a complex picture of interrelations and dependencies. The London 2062 Programme from University College London brings a new, cross-disciplinary and highly collaborative approach to investigating this complexity. The programme crosses departmental boundaries within the university, and promotes active collaboration between leading academics and those who shape London through policy and practice. This book approaches the question of London’s future by considering the city in terms of Connections, Things, Power and Dreams.


London's Underground Spaces

Genre History
AuthorHaewon (University of Hong Kong) Hwang
File size795 kb
File formatPDF

This study explores how writers such as Charles Dickens, George Gissing, Bram Stoker and Mary Elizabeth Braddon negotiated the dirt and messiness of underground spaces and how, in spite of the transformation of London through underground sewers, underground railway and suburban cemeteries, these spaces are surprisingly absent from their works.

Imagined London PDF Free Download

Adaptation and Nation

Genre Performing Arts
AuthorCatherine Rees
File size729 kb
File formatPDF

This book focuses on modern theatrical adaptations that rework classic plays in new British and Irish settings. It explores these shifted national contexts and examines what they might reveal about the political and cultural climate of the new setting. In examining the modern setting alongside the country of the original text, it also reveals fascinating resonances between two different national contexts. The book discusses five British and Irish playwrights and their current adaptations, examining well-known dramatists such as Martin McDonagh, Sarah Kane and Brian Friel, while analysing some of their less well-known plays, offering a novel examination of the adaptation process. The book further provides an insightful commentary on some significant events of the twentieth century in Britain and Ireland, such as the historic Labour victory of 1945 and scandals in the Royal Family since the 1990s. This book will appeal to theatre and performance enthusiasts, as well as students and scholars of both theatre and adaptation.

London in Contemporary British Fiction

Genre Literary Criticism
AuthorNick Hubble,Philip Tew
File size1378 kb
File formatPDF

Contemporary writers such as Peter Ackroyd, J.G. Ballard, John King, Ian McEwan, Will Self, Iain Sinclair and Zadie Smith have been registering the changes to the social and cultural London landscape for years. This volume brings together their vivid representations of the capital. Uniting the readings are themes such as relationship between the country and the city; the capacity of satirical forms to encompass the 'real London'; spatio-temporal transformations and emergences; the relationship between multiculturalism and universalism; the underground as the spatial equivalent of London's unconsciousness and the suburbs as the frontier of the future. The volume creates a framework for new approaches to the representation of London required by the unprecedented social uncertainties of recent years: an invaluable contribution to studies of contemporary writing about London.

Destination London

Genre Biography & Autobiography
AuthorAndrew Smith,Anne Graham
File size1052 kb
File formatPDF

London is one of the world’s most popular destinations and visitors contribute approximately £14.9 billion of expenditure to the city every year. Its tourism and events sectors are growing and over the last few years London has received more visitors than ever before. However, detailed accounts of the city’s visitor economy are conspicuously absent. This book analyses how the capital is developing as a destination through the expansion of tourism and events into new urban spaces. The book outlines how parts of London not previously regarded as tourist territory are now subject to the visitor gaze with tourism spreading beyond established central zones into peripheral, suburban and residential areas – in part propelled by a big rise in peer to peer accommodation use. Simultaneously, London’s airports and sports stadiums and their surrounds are becoming destinations in their own right. New vantage points have been created, allowing tourists to explore the city: from above, at night-time or through tours given by the homeless; via the opening up of the River Thames; or through the transformation of local parks into eventscapes. The book explores these trends and shows how urban destinations expand. In doing so, it enhances our understanding of London and highlights the growing significance of tourism and events in global cities.

Lusting for London

Genre History
AuthorP. Morton
File size1114 kb
File formatPDF

This book examines the flight of young Australian writers to London in the decades before and after Federation in 1901. Peter Morton studies how their careers were shaped by shifting their country of residence, the expatriate experience, and how the loss of these expatriates affected the evolving literary culture of Australia.

Muslim Britain

Genre Social Science
AuthorTahir Abbas
File size716 kb
File formatPDF

This edited collection is a cogent exploration of how the events of September 11 and the subsequent war on terror have impacted on the lived experiences of British South Asian Muslims in a number of important spheres, namely, religious and ethnic identity, citizenship, Islamophobia, gender and education, radicalism, media and political representation. The contributors to this volume are specialists in the fields of sociology, social geography, anthropology, theology and law. Each of the chapters explores the positions of South Asian Muslims from different analytical perspectives based on various methodological approaches. A number of the chapters carry primary empirical analysis, therefore making this one of the most pertinent compilations in this field. Other contributions are more discursive, providing valuable polemics on the current positions of British South Asian Muslims.

Framing and Imagining Disease in Cultural History

Genre History
AuthorG. Rousseau,M. Gill,D. Haycock,M. Herwig
File size473 kb
File formatPDF

Throughout human history illness has been socially interpreted before its range of meanings could be understood and disseminated. Writers of diverse types have been as active in constructing these meanings as doctors, yet it is only recently that literary traditions have been recognized as a rich archive for these interpretations. These essays focus on the methodological hurdles encountered in retrieving these interpretations, called 'framing' by the authors. Framing and Imagining Disease in Cultural History aims to explain what has been said about these interpretations and to compare their value.

The Intelligible Metropolis

Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
AuthorNora Pleßke
File size1120 kb
File formatPDF

Writings on the metropolis generally foreground illimitability, stressing thereby that the urban ultimately remains both illegible and unintelligible. Instead, the purpose of this interdisciplinary study is to demonstrate that mentality as a tool offers orientation in the urban realm. Nora Pleßke develops a model of urban mentality to be employed for cities worldwide. Against the background of the Spatial Turn, she identifies dominant urban-specific structures of London mentality in contemporary London novels, such as Monica Ali's »Brick Lane«, J.G. Ballard's »Millennium People«, Nick Hornby's »A Long Way Down«, and Ian McEwan's »Saturday«.

Mediating the Tourist Experience

Genre Social Science
AuthorCaroline Scarles
File size715 kb
File formatPDF

Traditionally, tourism media has referred to the image of destinations constructed through media texts such as brochures and postcards, with increasing attention towards other mediascapes such as films and television. Yet, with prolific advancements in technologies of media communication, such traditional formats have experienced a shift in the productive and consumptive practices through which they come into being. The possibilities of production and subsequent consumption are unequivocally changing the ways in which tourists imagine, understand and engage with destinations. This book therefore explores the role of tourism media and mediating practices in the development of non-linear processes of communication and understanding as both producers and consumers come together to negotiate the tourist experience. In varying ways it examines the emergent relationships and connections between media practices and tourism practices, everyday experiences and encounters of place. Collectively, the authors in this book address a range of media and technologies from brochures, television, video and film to mediated virtual spaces, such as e-brochures, Internet cultures, social networks, and Google Earth. In doing so, the book highlights the continued significance of media in tourism contexts; recognising both traditional and newer technologies, and the non-linear, continuous cycle of mediated representations and experiences.

Imagined London PDF Free Download

Underground London

Genre Travel
AuthorStephen Smith
File size734 kb
File formatPDF

What is visible to the naked eye has been exhaustively raked over; in UNDERGROUND LONDON, acclaimed travel writer Stephen Smith provides an alternative guide and history of the capital. It's a journey through the passages and tunnels of the city, the bunkers and tunnels, crypts and shadows. As well as being a contemporary tour of underground London, it's also an exploration through time: Queen Boudicca lies beneath Platform 10 at King's Cross (legend has it); Dick Turpin fled the Bow Street Runners along secret passages leading from the cellar of the Spaniards pub in North London; the remains of a pre-Christian Mithraic temple have been found near the Bank of England; on the platforms of the now defunct King William Street Underground, posters still warn that 'Careless talk costs lives'. Stephen Smith uncovers the secrets of the city by walking through sewers, tunnels under such places as Hampton Court, ghost tube stations, and long lost rivers such as the Fleet and the Tyburn. This is 'alternative' history at its best.

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Colonial Girlhood in Literature, Culture and History, 1840-1950

Genre Literary Criticism
AuthorK. Moruzi,M. Smith
File size1413 kb
File formatPDF

Colonial Girlhood in Literature, Culture and History, 1840-1950 explores a range of real and fictional colonial girlhood experiences from Jamaica, Mauritius, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Australia, England, Ireland, and Canada to reflect on the transitional state of girlhood between childhood and adulthood.

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London on Film

Genre Performing Arts
AuthorPam Hirsch,Chris O'Rourke
File size613 kb
File formatPDF

This book, a collection of essays by expert film researchers and lecturers, contributes to the growing body of scholarship on cinematic cities by looking at how one city—London—has been represented on film. In particular, the collection examines how films about London have responded to social, material and political change in the city, either by capturing and so influencing how we think about London, or by acting as catalysts (intentionally or otherwise) for public debate. Individual essays explore films ranging from the earliest actualities of the late nineteenth century to contemporary blockbusters. The book will appeal to film scholars and students, as well as to readers interested in the history of London and its changing image.

Imagined London PDF Free Download

Fear in the Medical and Literary Imagination, Medieval to Modern

Genre Literary Criticism
AuthorDaniel McCann,Claire McKechnie-Mason
File size1045 kb
File formatPDF

This book is about an emotion constantly present in human culture and history: fear. It is also a book about literature and medicine, two areas of human endeavour that engage with fear most acutely. The essays in this volume explore fear in various literary and medical manifestations, in the Western World, from medieval to modern times. It is divided into two parts. The first part, Treating Fear, examines fear in medical history, and draws from theology, medicine, philosophy, and psychology, to offer an account of how fear shifts in Western understanding from the Middle Ages to Modern times. The second part, Writing Fear, explores fear as a rhetorical and literary force, offering an account of how it is used and evoked in distinct literary periods and texts. This coherent and fascinating collection will appeal to medical historians, literary critics, cultural theorists, medical humanities’ scholars and historians of the emotions.