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Kaffir Boy in America [Mathabane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kaffir Boy in America, by Mathabane, Mark. Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane – The classic story of life in Apartheid South Africa. Mark Mathabane was weaned on devastating poverty and schooled in the cruel. Free summary and analysis of the events in Mark Mathabane’s Kaffir Boy that won’t make you snore. We promise.

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Kaffir Boy: An Autobiography by Mark Mathabane

It was hard to keep reading, but it is an important book. It was and apparently still is, on many high school English required reading lists. Maybe the textbook areas are the points he is uncomfortable sharing? I thought that Kaffir boy was an eye-opening book as well.

Kaffir Boy: An Autobiography

And his mother was a pivotal part of his story with her encouragement and stimulating early home environment a revelation: Nov 05, Peter Hutt Sierra rated it it was ok. Such thing as education and employment is a daily struggle for them and without hope and devotion their black society would earn no rights. I fell in love with Mark Mathabane; I fell in love with his resilience, his strength, his continuous belief in himself as a black man, and his struggle against the disgusting system of Apartheid in South Africa.

Kaffir Boy is the story of how Mark Mathabane grew up in the absolutely hellish slum of Alexandra in apartheid South Africa. This is actually a great book for anybody who wants to see the kind of impact poverty borne of racism has on a human being – how it robs people of their motivation, their potential, their integrity, their humanity.

With the introduction to tennis by kindly white men, Mark began to believe that he might have a future in America. Luckily some white people bent the rules so he could play on their courts. After reading a history of apartheid, this book gave it a human perspective for me. If anyone has any insight into why Mathabane chose to do this, please, do enlighten me Many people who are supposed to be living on the Tribal Reserves leave the Reserves desert land engulfed in an even worse poverty than the townships as there is no work on the Reserves and they are run by corrupt and greedy leaders but come to the townships illegally in order to work.

An amazing education in America where people are treated equally. He graduates from primary school with a scholarship that will pay for his secondary education.

Clearly, there is motivation to read his subsequent books to find out things like that and also to discover what happened to his mother, sister etc.

Johannes, the title character, grows up in incredible poverty and endures unimaginable humiliation at the hands of white people and gang members. Paperbackpages. For example, Mathabane describes his childhood as the eldest son in a family of two boys and five girls, however there is barely any description of times spent together with his siblings or of what his siblings get up to. I’m so glad that I read this book. For Mark Mathabane did what no physically and psychologically battered “Kaffir” from the rat-infested alleys of Alexandra was supposed to do — he escaped to tell about it.

My general knowledge was slightly expanded, specifically with regards to historical personalities in tennis.

Like every other child born in the hopelessness mwrk apartheid, he learned to measure his life in days, not years. For Mark Mathabane did what no physically and psychologically battered “Kaffir” from the rat-infested alleys of Alexandra was supposed to do — he escaped to tell about it. Jan 05, Zach Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover!

Mark is fully fleshed out, but he possesses no real flaws, his past hatreds buried. View all 3 comments. This memoir gives a voice to the South African children of the 60s, it is one of those must-reads that claims and safeguards a certain time, era, people, and place.

Kaffir Boy

I love happy endings, and I am usually one to believe everything will turn out okay; but his story really is truly remarkable, and it really opened my eyes to just how oppressive the system of apartheid was. A sigh from what?

It engages the students with a period in history many of them have only vaguely heard about, but which engaged my mathaane with a sense of international responsibility. The amazing thing is that the family also gave Johannes a tennis racket which turned out to be his bboy out of poverty and out of the country. He was very smart and got a scholarship to high school so he got his education.

Graphic at times so I recommend to ages 14 and up.

Some parts were easily exaggerated and it is remarkable how he remembers all these moments when he was 5 or 7 years old in such detail. Reading this book showed me how all those damnable laws that happened at the top of the elite white hierarchy in South Africa affected the powerless millions of non-whites at the bottom.

I do respect Mathabane for his perseverance and determination to improve his future. Mark survived and got out and now lives a thriving life in the USA.

This is just fine, and something I would expect; but why then, does the character of ‘Johannes’ suddenly become ‘Mark’ at random times during the concluding portion of the book? I would have done the exact same thing as Mark given the situation, but the last section reads like more of a defense of the decision rather then an examination of it.

Dec 20, Devan Savage-Brown rated it really liked it. More books from this author: At one point he wants to join the “Freedom Fighters”. What made the decision even more difficult: Mathanabe was, of course, one of the lucky few South African blacks who was able to escape the mari of his home country in order to become internationally famous, first as a mathabanr player, and second as a writer. I usually love stories of ‘the underdog’.

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By embracing education, he is able to rise out of despair and destitution.

Kaffir Boy PDF Free Download

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