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Landwhale Pdf Free Download Windows 10

How a landwhale looks like.
Landwhale needs Feminism because trampolin oppresses her healthy body.

Landwhale is a description of a heavily overweight female.

Quote:«land whale

An extremely obese woman. More commonly known as a BIG BITCH. Often seen cruising buffet lines or getting smashed by guys who are hard up for some pussy. Much like a real whale, there is a lot of blubber and they secrete grease and oil. They often smell like stale fish although they rarely go in the water.» - Urban Dictionary[1]


An obese human female, often morbidly so. Generally seen as being of very low desirability and extreme low worth to men and at the lowest end of the totem pole in regards to female attractiveness. Alternatively called a fat cow, hog or warpig.» - The Incel Wiki[2]


Landwhale PDF Free Download

Pdf free download windows 10
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