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Separate yourself from your competition using one of Invoice Home’s 100 beautifully designed templates. Take advantage of the invoice template features by personalizing your bills with your logo, sending your invoices directly through email and getting paid online using PayPal or by credit card. Check out the different invoicing options and features below and never send out a boring invoice again.

Protect Your Data and Enhance Your Security

Keeping all of your data on a hard drive puts you at risk for losing important customer information. Luckily with Invoice Home, you can securely save all of your customer’s data, product information and reports in one place. Our software saves and protects your customer data and product information in a cloud based platform that you can access anywhere with wi-fi. This means if your computer malfunctions or you lose your data storage device you will still have all of the data that your business needs to keep running. Your account even stores all your data for you to export as a PDF or excel file. Now you won’t have to go through each invoice one by one to see how much you made, your bestsellers or which customers order the most like when you used other invoicing services or wrote invoices by hand.

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Promote Your Brand with a Free Invoice Template

Memoir Of The Sunday Brunch PDF Free Download

Invoice Home knows how important it is to give your clients a professionally designed bill. With over 100 forms designed by professional graphic designers, you have many options to create an invoice that fits your business. Whether you work in construction or fashion design, love the color red, or want to show your patriotism there is a free invoice template for you. In addition, the uniquely designed templates allow you to upload your own business logo (or choose from a gallery of pre-designed logos which will heighten the awareness and legitimacy of your brand in the eyes of your customer. We never add the “Invoice Home” logo to your invoices so your clients will even think that you paid for your invoices (even though we offer a free plan).

Choose What’s Best for Your Business

Maybe you do things by the book and prefer hard copy invoices? We’ve got you covered as our invoice templates can easily be saved in PDF form, printed and mailed out to your satisfied customers. Prefer to live digitally? Easily email your saved invoice template to your client via email. Once you have your PDF saved you can also upload it to your cloud storage to keep all your records in one place. Because our system is online you can save your bills in your account to be printed or emailed over and over again.


Make Money With Different Payment Methods

These days most customers prefer to pay by card or online out of convenience, however, some buyers like the option to pay by cash or check. Whichever your customer chooses Invoice Home has your back. First step, of course, is to create your free invoice on our site and send it to your customer by email or traditional mail. For clients who prefer to pay by cash or check, simply create terms on your invoice template for when you need physical payment by. For clients who choose to pay by card or over the web, we’ve provide many payment options. Our system supports PayPal and Stripe making it a breeze for your customers to pay through credit/debit card or through their bank. Better yet, our online system stores payment records. If a customer says that they’ve paid via online but there is no record of it, then you have evidence that the invoice still needs to be fulfilled. If you don’t remember a customer paying but there is record of payment, then the bill was honored. It’s a win-win for all.

Keep Your Invoices With You Wherever You Go

Memoir of the sunday brunch pdf free download windows 10

Whether you’re on vacation, with your customer or on the job you can access your invoices via our convenient mobile app. Unlike invoice template excel programs and even invoice template google docs you don’t need to carry around a bulky laptop or sit at a desktop to take care of billing. If you’re with your customer and they add a service you can whip out your phone and make the necessary changes to your invoice right then and there. The invoices you create on your mobile phone are automatically synced to your Invoice Home account keeping all of your documents in one secure place. Never lose business again to computer problems, bad wifi or slow response times.

Are you looking for church resources? If yes, you are in the right place! Here you will find 950+ Free Church Forms, Letters, Certificates, Flyers, Brochures, Cards, Games... to download, customize and print absolutely free along with many other valuable free gifts!

Church forms are not always easy to find on the web so I was inspired to build this website to try and make it a little easier for small or large churches to find forms for all areas of their church. The free church forms, certificates, flyers...are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year with immediate access. It's easy and free - just find the form you want and download it!

Do you need an affordable, user friendly church membership database? If yes, click Shepherdbase on left Navigation bar (top left side of your screen), and if you need an affordable, user friendly event tracking database for your Pastor and/or church then click Pastoral Recordbase on left Navigation bar.

Click the link below to translate any of these free church forms, letters, etc. from English to Spanish and more.
Haga clic en el enlace de abajo para traducir cualquiera de estas formas, letras, etc. de Inglés a Español y más.

Translate forms, letters, etc. from English to Spanish and more.

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Labor Day Flyers, Forms, Games, Ideas & Much More

Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated on the first Monday in September to honor and recognize the American labor movement and the works and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States.

We have Labor Day Flyers, Forms, Games, Ideas and more to download and print for your Labor Day church events and/or personal use at home.

Click here to access the free Labor Day Flyers, Forms, Games, Ideas and Much More to download and print at your convenience 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I love to find free stuff on the internet as long as it's not bait to rip me off. You don't have to worry about this website (free church forms). There is no hidden cost, free trial period, or 'collecting all your information so I can sell to the highest bidder' cost.

If you have been surfing the web trying to find some free church forms or even some certificates you have found the right place. Feel free to look around! :)

Shepherdbase - Church Membership Database

I created (Shepherdbase)so even small churches could afford to have a way to track their memberships, contributions, attendance and much more!

You can purchaseShepherdbase On Sale Right Now through July 31st, 2021 By High Demand for ONLY $29.99(One Time Fee with Free Lifetime Upgrades) - $5.00 Savings!As a Bonus and Thank You for purchasing Shepherdbase you will receive two free gifts (Offering Envelope Templates & Offering Count Sheets) -Hurry and Enjoy These Savings and Benefits!

Shepherdbase will:

  • Track church member's information with a very nice Church Membership Directory (name, address, phone, email address, date of birth, member's pictures, anniversary, etc.) with unlimited memberships and Free Lifetime Shepherdbase Updates.
  • Track church member's contributions and automate Annual Contribution Letters.
  • Filter church member's information with the click of a button (birthday and anniversary monthly reports, member's name and phone number), and so much more.
  • Track Church Attendance with quick access to attendance reports.
  • Shepherdbase is a very simple and user friendly database, but very powerfulwith a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Pastoral Recordbase

Memoir of the sunday brunch pdf free download adobe reader

(Event/Sermon Tracking Database)

This database is simple and user friendly. Many churches have volunteers but they can easily use Pastoral Recordbase with ease. I created (Pastoral Recordbase)so even small churches and/or Pastors could afford to have a way to track their sermons and their events such as baby dedications, baptisms, funerals, weddings, etc.!

You can purchase Pastoral Recordbase On Sale Right Now through July 31st, 2021 By High Demand for ONLY $19.99 - $5.00 Savings! (One Time Fee with Free Lifetime Upgrades) As a Bonus and Thank You for purchasing the Pastoral Recordbase you will receive free gifts/bonuses (Event Certificate Templates (4) & Event Planning Tracker in MS Excel) - Hurry and Enjoy These Savings and Benefits!

Pastoral Recordbase will:

  • Track Events (baby dedications, baptisms, funerals, weddings and any type of event). Also, attached are certificates, documents, and reports to print with these eventswith unlimited event records and Free Lifetime Pastoral Recordbase Updates.
  • Track Sermons (Pastor's or any other sermons). Also, attached are sermon notes, documents, and reports to print if needed.
  • Track Phone Numbers(Pastor's phone book to include ministers, etc.). Also, attachments and reports to print if needed.
  • Track Church Information (name, address, etc.)
  • Pastoral Recordbase is a very simple and user friendly database, but very powerfulwith a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Special Limited Offers!

Church Office Package #1(Shepherdbase - Church Membership Database + Church Forms - All the Forms on this Website - 2 CDs)!

For a limited can purchase the Church Office Package #1 Deal (Shepherdbase CD - Church Membership Database & the Church Forms CD with 950+ forms...along with Free Bonuses)! for only $40.99 plus Shipping & Handling ($10.00 anywhere in the United States)- Savings of $7.99or the Church Office Package Instant Download (No CDs) for only $40.99 anywhere in or outside the U.S.! Taxes included Only For the State of Oklahoma Residents.

Church Office Package #2 (Shepherdbase - Church Membership Database + Church Forms - All the Forms on this Website and Pastoral Recordbase - Event/Sermon Tracking Database - 3 CDs)!

For a limited can purchase the Church Office Package Deal #2 (Shepherdbase CD - Church Membership Database, Church Forms CD with 950+ forms and Pastoral Recordbase CD - Events/Sermons Tracking Database...along with all the Free Bonuses)!for only $57.99 - Savings of $15.98 - plus Shipping & Handling ($10.00 anywhere in the United States)
or the Church Office Package #2 Instant Download (No CDs) for ONLY $57.99 anywhere in or outside the U.S.! Taxes included Only For Oklahoma Residents.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, stressed and maybe at a lost over your church finances and/or church accounting? If so, you're not alone and don't worry I have the solution right here in this book - 'The How-To Guide for Small & Growing Churches' Paperback Book!

As you probably know, church accounting is not the same as business accounting. For instance, if you are a church bookkeeper you must be aware of special tax codes that govern the church's unique tax standing. Way to often particularly in smaller churches with volunteer administrators or overworked employees they do not know every aspect of the tax codes that affects their church's ability to accept donations, oversee a benevolence fund, and also offer a compensation package for their minister.

This website is very easy to use as well as informative, and will save you and your very precious church time and money. has free church forms, letters, certificates, flyers, brochures and so much more that has been created to help small churches or churches of any size or denomination to be able to download, modify and print professional and attractive free church forms, flyers, beautiful church certificates, cards, brochures, games...and even a free eBook - 'Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office'!

Important: The free church forms, agreements, contracts, etc. that you have searched online and received free or the ones that you paid for can never replace the advice of a lawyer. Each individual state has different circumstances and laws that apply to different types of churches and organizations. We strongly recommend that you have your church forms especially legal agreements or contracts, reviewed by a lawyer in your state for any questions or legalities for your own individual church.

These sample free church forms on are meant to serve as example forms and should not be construed as legal documents. Please contact a legal professional for legal language for your specific state and organization.

I'm continually creating more free church forms, certificates, download so subscribe to this site via the RSS feed below nav bar on left!

Do you use QuickBooks for your church accounting needs?

If yes, then the 'QuickBooks® for Churches and Other Religious Organizations' by Lisa London, CPA, eBook below is a must for you!

Lisa will walk you through QuickBooks from start to finish, complete with examples, terminology, and everything a busy church administrator or bookkeeper needs to know.

This book is written for the beginner and advanced church bookkeepers alike, in a friendly and easy-to-understand style. It includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to set up QuickBooks and utilize it more efficiently for your church
  • Valuable tips on how to make QuickBooks work better for churches, both large and small
  • Numerous illustrative screenshots and time-saving shortcuts

Click the link(s) below to access:

  • 'Using QuickBooks® for Nonprofit Organizations, Associations & Clubs' (Paperback Book) by Lisa London, CPA

QuickBooks Classes for Nonprofits and Churches

Imagine understanding how to use QuickBooks for your nonprofit. You CAN master those dreaded accounting tasks because of the step-by-step instructions. Classes are available now.

No Nightmare, No Stress. Just step-by-step instructions on setting up and using QuickBooks Online.

Lisa London, CPA is the perfect instructor for these QuickBooks classes. You ask why? Because I personally know this lady who is a friend of mine and she is the perfect instructor for these classes!

For more information on these 'QuickBooks Classes' click the link below:

  • QuickBooks Classes for Small Nonprofits & Churches

I have the Table of Contents available with all the free church forms, letters, certificates, categories. You can just click on the church form you need and it will bring you directly to the page to download. You can access the Table of Contents by simply signing up for my Free Monthly Newsletter (top right hand corner of screen).

There are no hidden costs. You will just have access to lots of great church information, new free church forms, certificates, flyers, brochures, sample policies and procedures... and you will also have access to my free 14 page eBook - 'Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office' as a Thank You Gift for signing up.
Just simply enter your email address in the small form in the top right corner of screen and subscribe to the 'The Form Gallery' and you will be able to access the Table of Contents immediately in any back issue, and receive the free eBook today also.

Who am I?
My name is Terressa Pierce. I work a full time job (home business). I'm also the secretary for my church. I've been the Church Secretary for 26+ years now, and I really enjoy the ministry God has given me even though it has been very stressful at times.
I've worked as a secretary in many different fields for most of my life (40+ years), and I know how stressful this job can be at times. I love to create different types of forms that can save me and other people in the office lots of time and stress. I just want to be able to share my work and free church forms and save God's precious, hard working, loving people some time and stress out of their busy schedules in their ministries.

We have a Wonderful Church Financial Adviser at our church who has inspired me to do this website. She has a website where she gives away free church accounting spreadsheets and lots more.

Before she was elected our Financial Adviser I was literally pulling every one of my hairs out trying to keep up with our accounting on a paper ledger. She created a simple accounting software just for me and made my life sooooooo much easier. She has been able to share her accounting spreadsheets with all kinds of wonderful people all over the world.

We have a small nonprofit church and we're not able to just go buy the software we need. She has made my life easier and she can make yours easier also. You will be glad you did.

I will be referring visitors to her website for free church accounting financial spreadsheets, and nonprofit accounting information. She also has all kinds of free church accounting information you need to know regarding church tax laws, etc. that you would have to pay for from any other site. Please feel free to visit her website at

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All the church forms, letters, flyers, baby shower invitations/games, beautiful church certificates, crafts, brochures, cards, gift certificates, etc. are easy to download and they are absolutely free. Feel free to download what you need at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Feel free to search my site for whatever needs you might have. Also, please sign up for my free newsletter to keep up-to-date on my new free church forms, certificates, flyers...and also receive great information on church-related issues and forms.

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Please contact me with any questions or concerns you might have. I really appreciate and enjoy the sweet sincere emails thanking me for this website and for all the hard work I have done to help other churches including their own church. You can find some these emails on the right hand side of the screen. I also enjoy meeting people from all over the world!

Memoir Of The Sunday Brunch Pdf Free Download Windows 10

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