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Year 2020 /
directed by Denis Villeneuve /
abstract Dune is a movie starring Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, and Zendaya. Feature adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel, about the son of a noble family entrusted with the protection of the most valuable asset and /
creator Frank Herbert

Molly movie

Your videos are so beautiful. Especially the Dune videos. Thank you for making them.
I remember seeing dune in the theater. On the way in they handed us a terminology paper. I was like WTF.

Molly Ringwald

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Having never seen this film before, I appreciated the narration.
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I’m glad that I got to hear this story! It’s Patrick Stewart Gold.
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Dude, where’s my car.
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If this fan made trailer is monetized then they should be getting sued.
I was playing sudden strike 4 the other day and it made me want a dune 2000 remake so bad.
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Yep I remember. Slow then and slow, now.
I’d like to recommend The Dune Encyclopedia for a read. It contains a cronology of ancient human history, where it says that in 13402 BG (before guild, or around 3300 AD) a planetoid had struck Earth.
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I read the dune series last year finally. The thing that struck me the most was how so much of the book written so long ago paralleled so much of society and politics today. It is mildly depressing to think that in the time since it has been written so little has changed and the forecast for the future (at least by Frank Hebert) is more of the same.

Molly Movie

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Why was he rushing him, that was a good story, I would like to know how the rest of their conversation went.
Don’t blindly follow your leaders except blindly follow me because Im telling you what to do Irony 101.
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I love dune the book so much, and I enjoy the movie but believe you need to know the book first for it to make any sense- just too complex to be made into one film imho.
Outstanding edition of one of my favourite films.
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Music has never played a big part in my life – Uh oh.
Waddaya know! The Wilhelm family is everywhere. 2:27:20. D Kiddin’ aside; i liked this movie from the first time, i watched it. but THIS edition is just awesome! Thank You.
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I first saw this film when I was 16 whilst coming down from an Acid trip. round a friends house and loved it ever since. Its up there with the very best Sci Fi great movies.😎.
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The prologue seems to miss out the Mentats as a third human mental discipline…
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One of my favorite movies.
I sometimes wounder it was a big nuclear war, hence why atomics are shunned so much.
MEGA! Make Earth Great Again.
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I discovered your channel only a couple of days ago, but I got to tell you from now on I’ll come to you as the Duniverse expert.
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I thought he was going to say some great, great actors in the movie-and Sting.
Did Worf rub off on Captain Picard.
The world shall be harvested for all it can give. The atmosphere and liquids shall be taken. The crust, mantle, and core shall be processed for all they can give. The same will be done for every planet & star in the system. When they are done they will load up the cart and move on, never to look back on the refuse they leave behind.

Way better quality than my vhs. lol

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Strangely after watching Dune hundreds of times, I like this ending much, much better

This should have had a shot from TREMORS. It would have been hilarious.
Love this movie.
Nice job of editing. I also like the final few seconds when you cut Alia’s rather stupid statement of the obvious and replaced it with the overlay quote. Somehow that seems more powerful to me.
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I dont care what anyone says or thinks, David Lynch’s Dune was an utter masterpiece… just a flawed one. Visually stunning, with awesome actors who even with a flawed script manage to create believable and interesting characters. The extended version is the one that should have been initially released which filled in some of the blanks…

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Dune 2000. is my favorite movie ;D.
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