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British man-of-letters Joe Randolph Ackerley's (1896-1967) oddly affecting portrait of his pet German shepherd, a high-strung dog named Tulip, is considered a classic of animal--human relationships. First published in England in 1956, but long out of print in the U.S. (where it was released in 1965), this elegantly written canine biography will prove irresistible to sophisticated dog lovers. Seldom has an individual pet's complex personality been delineated so perceptively, with so much wit, grace, care and literary style, yet without sentimental exaggeration or doting. Ackerley, a bachelor, describes his daily walks with Tulip, trips to the veterinarian, country visits, rides with her on a London bus and life in their small flat. With an earthy realism tempered by a peculiarly British restraint and sense of humor, he dwells in sometimes tedious detail on Tulip's behavior in heat and on her excretory habits. Disastrous attempts to mate her finally bear fruit, and there is a marvelous, touching account of Tulip giving birth to eight puppies, for whom Ackerley finds homes. Though unsociable and defiant at times, Tulip, who lived to age 16, is steadfastly loyal, and her incorruptibility serves as a foil to expose human insensitivity, arrogance, self-centeredness and unreliability. One can even forgive Ackerley his constant snobbish, condescending references to 'working-class' people and their presumed ways. In its own quirky fashion, Ackerley's wry valentine to his beloved pet is as much a book about the difficult art of living and loving as it is a dog story. (Sept.)
  1. Inside Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2012, readers can expect to find every movie review Ebert has written from January 2009 to July 2011, including The Social Network, Waiting for Superman, Inception, The King's Speech, My Dog Tulip, The Human Centipede, and more.
  2. My Dog Tulip is a 2009 American independent animated feature film based on the 1956 memoir of the same name by J. Ackerley, BBC editor, novelist and memoirist.The film tells the story of Ackerley's fifteen-year relationship with his Alsatian dog (German Shepherd) Queenie, who had been renamed Tulip for the book.

The Uncommon Reader is a novel by Alan Bennet. The book was initially published by The London Review of Books and then was released as a book by Faber and Faber. It was also published by Profile books in that very year. There is also an audio version of this book available in the voice of the author which was released in 2007.

Reviewed on: 08/30/1999
Release date: 09/01/1999
Genre: Nonfiction

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My Dog Tulip
Directed byPaul Fierlinger
Written byJ. R. Ackerley
Paul Fierlinger
Produced byHoward Kaminsky
Frank Pellegrino
Norman Twain
StarringChristopher Plummer
Lynn Redgrave
Isabella Rossellini
Brian Murray
Paul Hecht
Euan Morton
Edited byPaul Fierlinger
Music byJohn Avarese
Distributed byAxiom Films(UK and Ireland)New Yorker Films
  • June 10, 2009 (Annecy)
83 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$246,574[1]
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My Dog Tulip is a 2009 American independent animated feature film based on the 1956 memoir of the same name by J. R. Ackerley, BBC editor, novelist and memoirist. The film tells the story of Ackerley's fifteen-year relationship with his Alsatian dog (German Shepherd) Queenie, who had been renamed Tulip for the book.[2][3] The film – geared toward an adult audience[4][5] – was adapted, directed and animated by Paul Fierlinger with backgrounds and characters painted by his wife, Sandra Fierlinger.

Christopher Plummer narrated Ackerley's voice, Isabella Rossellini provided the voice of the veterinarian, and Lynn Redgrave provided the voice (in her last film performance) of Ackerley's sister Nancy.

The film premiered at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival on June 10, 2009[6][7] and received Honourable Mention for Best Animated Film at the 2009 Ottawa International Animation Festival.[8] The film won Grand Prix – best feature film award at the World Festival of Animated Film Zagreb – Animafest Zagreb in 2011.

My Dog Tulip PDF Free download

As with the original book, the film gives detailed descriptions of the dog's bowel movements and sex life – received as 'positively juvenile'[9] and helping the film achieve realism and avoid anthropomorphism.[10]

In 1988, Colin Gregg had filmed Ackerley's We Think the World of You (1960) – also about Ackerley's relationship with his dog Queenie.[10]



Fierlinger and his wife divided the film into fourteen sections, making it over a two and a half year period[11] using TVPaint, a French, bitmap-based digital animation software package.[11] No paper was used in the production.[11]

The film alternates between several animation styles: fully rendered scenes, simple drawings, black and white line illustrations and quick notepad sketches.[10][12]


The Fierlingers drew and painted about 60,000 drawings for the film, which comprises about 460 scenes and about 600 individual background paintings.[11] The film includes 116,640 frames, with every frame shot twice, making 12 original frames for each second of projection time or 720 drawings per minute. At a length of 81 minutes, the film includes 58,320 drawings.[11]

Fierlinger had earlier animated a half-hour PBS special called Still Life With Animated Dogs.

Distribution and release[edit]

In July 2010, US distribution rights were acquired by New Yorker Films.[13]

The film was distributed in the UK and Ireland by Axiom Films, with a release date of 6 May 2011.


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