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The School for scandal.

A favourite with audiences and critics alike since its premiere in , this play is a classic English comedy of manners. Full of satirical wit, it subverts the Georgian social mores of its day with subtlety and charm. This historic recording features Edith Evans, Cecil Parker, and Harry Andrews: some of the finest actors of their generation. Download PDF booklet. The Playboy of the Western World. But then, I suppose, she was. When the Drury Lane theatre which he owned burned down, he sat in a coffee house opposite, watching the blaze.

The School for scandal.

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The play starts with two prologues that set up the themes of scandal, rumors, and public appearance. Act I begins by presenting Lady Sneerwell , a wealthy widow, and her servant, Snake , gossiping as they usually do. Lady Sneerwell gossips because, in her past, someone destroyed her reputation. Lady Sneerwell will be sending Snake to execute this plot. After Lady Sneerwell finishes explaining, Joseph enters. Snake leaves, and Joseph then tells Lady Sneerwell that he suspects Snake of not being entirely faithful to them and their secret plan, because Snake has been in conversation with Rowley, who was his father's steward.

Hold it. Ready. Smile! Flash of smartphone camera. Lights out. Part One. Scene 1​. Lady Sneerwell's Boudoir. LADY SNEERWELL at her dressing-table, SNAKE.


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The School for Scandal


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Enduringly popular less for its plots than for its verbal brilliance and wit, The School for Scandal was the most frequently performed play of its time. Sir Peter Teazle has made the perennial mistake of elderly bachelors in English comedy and married a much younger wife in the hope that she will be too innocent to cross him. In fact, Lady Teazle spends her time with Lady Sneerwell and the worst set of scandalmongers in town, who have a beady eye on Charles Surface, the reckless young libertine, in expectation of seeing him ruined. Charles, however, turns out to possess the sterling virtues of generosity and loyalty to friends and family; and it is his hypocritical brother Joseph who ends up the villain of the piece.

The School for Scandal

The School for Scandal focuses on a group of wealthy Londoners who entertain themselves and torment one another by spreading rumors. The play hints at how serious a ruined reputation can be, both for men and for women, and therefore how unkind it is to spread rumors, yet it also does not seek to teach a serious lesson against spreading rumors. Ruined reputations could change the course of a life.

Scene I : Lady Sneerwell, a wealthy young widow, and her hireling Snake discuss her various scandal-spreading plots. Snake asks why she is so involved in the affairs of Sir Peter Teazle, his ward Maria, and Charles and Joseph Surface, two young men under Sir Peter's informal guardianship, and why she has not yielded to the attentions of Joseph, who is highly respectable. Thus she and Joseph are plotting to alienate Maria from Charles by putting out rumours of an affair between Charles and Sir Peter's new young wife, Lady Teazle.

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After all, tale bearers and backbiters are as willing today as in to tell everything they know and more about their best friends. Why not dress Sheridan's fools and fops in Norma Kamali or Giorgio Armani instead of polonaise and pelisse? Then as now, society lives on airs. It relates so specifically to Georgian London that it doesn't make sense otherwise. I don't understand the twentieth century's morbid fascination with itself. We occupy the suburbs of history. Relevancy is the most philistine word in English.

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THE COMEDYOF THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL. By R. B. Sheridan, Esq. TELL me, ye prime adepts in Scandal's school,. Who rail by precept, and detract by.