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In case you’re a new user of the iPhone 6 or someone who has always used it, you may always find it necessary to look for a user guide, especially for the iOS operating system. Here, we provide you all sorts of information about the iPhone 6 that you have. iPhone 6 user manual has specially to guide you the functions and features of your Apple iPhone 6 smartphone. Includes setup, expansion, how to backup, tips, tricks and troubleshooting information. This instructions for iPhone 6 is an officially from Apple Inc.

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Download iPhone 6 User Manual and Instructions Guide PDF

Operating Instructions Pdf free download. software

This is the official iPhone user manual PDF in English provided from the manufacturer. This user manual for iPhone 6 includes full instructions for how to use your iPhone 6. If you’re looking manual book for your iPhone 6, this is it. iPhone 6S here, iPhone 6 Plus here.

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iPhone 6 is smartphone developed, offered for sale by Apple Inc and released in September 2014. The smartphone has a 4.70-inch touchscreen display. The display screen remains safe and secure by “Ion-strengthened glass”, which is curved around the edges to get a more smooth experience when swiping. The screen itself is an LCD with “Retina HD,” which translates to 750 x 1,334 pixels. This pushes the pixel density to 326ppi.

Apple iPhone 6 Key Specs and Features

The Apple iPhone 6 is powered by a second-generation chipset, the Apple A8. It offers 25% more CPU power and 50% extra GPU oomph. The chipset is built on a power-efficient 20nm process, which also makes it 13% smaller physically than its A7 predecessor nad it comes with 1GB of RAM. The phone packs with 3 option internal storage, the 16GB, 64GB and also 128GB can’t be expanded. Learn how to free up space on your iPhone 6.

For the camera, iPhone 6 has a 8MP iSight camera is back for a fourth year in a row. Apple claims the camera has been improved now – it still has 1.5µ pixels, but features phase detection autofocus and sits behind an f/2.2 aperture. There’s no OIS though, it relies on digital stabilization. The camera can shoot panoramas up to 43MP.

The iPhone 6 is a single SIM (GSM) smartphone that accepts a Nano-SIM , runs iOS 8.0 and is powered by a 1810mAh non-removable battery. The connectivity upgrades include Wi-Fi 802.11ac for three times faster Wi-Fi speeds. Finally, there’s also NFC now, which enables Apple’s new Apple Pay service for wireless payments.

The iPhone 6 will with three color option including Space Gray, Silver, Gold. iPhone 6 will cost $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 64GB and $399 for the 128GB version. All the price is valid for two-year contract.

The iPhone 6 user manual above becomes especially to guide you the functions of your iPhone. Mastering your iPhone 6 by reading user guide for Apple iPhone 6.


Welcome to the manual for Blender,the free and open source 3D creation suite.

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User Interface

An introduction to Blender’s window system, widgets and tools.


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Objects and their organization into scenes, view layers and collections.


Meshes, curves, metaballs, text, modeling tools, and modifiers.

Sculpting & Painting

Sculpting, texture painting and vertex painting.

Grease Pencil

2D drawing and animation with Grease Pencil.

Animation & Rigging

Keyframes, drivers, constraints, armatures and shape keys.


Physics simulations, particle systems and dynamic paint.


Rendering and shading with Eevee, Cycles and Freestyle.


Post-processing with the compositing nodes.

Motion Tracking & Masking

Video motion tracking & masking.

Video Editing
Operating Instructions PDF Free Download

Video editing with the sequencer.

Files & Data System

Data-block management and the structure of blend-files.


Additional functionality available as add-ons.


Operating Instructions Pdf free. download full

Python scripting, how to write add-ons and a reference for command-line arguments.


Solving crashes, graphics issues and Python errors, recovering data and reporting bugs.


A list of terms and definitions used in Blender and this manual.

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