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Title:bradbury 13 the ravine (2 of 2)
Air Date:06.29.1989 ( June 29, 1989)
Plot: + 'The Ravine'. A series of thirteen stories written by and introduced by Ray Bradbury. The story about 'The Lonely One' who kills women.
File:Bradbury 13 89-06-29 The Ravine (2 of 2).mp3
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Title:bradbury 13 the ravine (2 of 2)
Air Date:06.29.1989
Plot:+ 'The Ravine'. A series of thirteen stories written by and introduced by Ray Bradbury. The story about 'The Lonely One' who kills women.
File:Bradbury 13 89-06-29 The Ravine (2 of 2).mp3
File Size:12.64Mb

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Plot Digitizer is a Java program used to digitize scanned plots of functional data. Often data is found presented in reports and references as functional X-Y type scatter or line plots. In order to use this data, it must somehow be digitized. This program will allow you to take a scanned image of a plot (in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format) and quickly digitize values off the plot just by clicking the mouse on each data point. The numbers can then be saved to a text file and used where ever you need them. Plot Digitizer works with both linear and logarithmic axis scales. Besides digitizing points off of data plots, this program can be used to digitize other types of scanned data (such as scaled drawings or orthographic photos).


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To make the digitizing task easier, this program includes many handy features. For example: You can recalibrate the Y axis without having to recalibrate the X axis (multiple sets of data are commonly plotted with the same X axis). You can insert points between two already digitized points by right clicking and choosing 'Insert' from the pop-up menu. You can delete points by right-clicking on the points and choosing 'Delete'. You can move points by clicking and dragging them. You can compute the length of a digitized curve and you can compute the area of a digitized polygon. You can zoom images in and out. You can save calibrations for an image for later use, and finally, there is unlimited undo/redo.

A special feature of this program is the ability to semi-automatically digitize lines off a plot. The user simply indicates where the line is on the plot with a thick paint brush and the program attempts to automatically sort out the data from grid lines, etc. This auto-digitizing feature depends on an image vectorization program called 'autotrace'. In order to use the auto-digitizing feature, you must have the open source autotrace image vectorization program installed. Unfortunately, autotrace does not currently seem to work on the Windows platform.

Will the auto-digitizing feature digitize any plot? Short answer: no. Long answer: The auto-digitizing feature works best with black and white, 300 dpi images of continuous data which does not run vertically (vertical lines give it fits), does not repeatedly cross other data lines, is not close to and parallel to grid lines, is not extremely noisy and which does not have plot symbols. After using the program a while you begin to learn what it can and can't auto-digitize. However, even in cases where it doesn't auto-digitize the entire line, you can sometimes do a piece of it automatically, then manually digitize a piece, and then do another piece automatically, etc. I've found this feature to be pretty useful on digitizing plots of experimental test time histories, but your mileage may vary.

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Plot 29 PDF Free Download

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This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.