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“Mining companies piled trash coal in a slag heap and set it ablaze. The coal burned up, but the slate didn’t. The heat turned it rose and orange and lavender. The dirt road I lived on was paved with that sharp-edged rock. We called it red dog. Grandma told me, Don’t you go running on that red dog road. But I do.”

Gypsies, faith-healers, moonshiners, and snake handlers weave through Drema’s childhood in 1940s Appalachia after her father is killed in the coal mines, her mother goes off to work as a Rosie the Riveter, and she is left in the care of devout Pentecostal grandparents. What follows is a spitfire of a memoir that reads like a novel with intrigue, sweeping emotion, and indisputable charm. Drema’s coming of age is colored by tent revivals with Grandpa, poetry-writing hobos, and traveling carnivals, and through it all, she serves witness to a multi-generational family of saints and sinners whose lives defy the stereotypes. Just as she defies her own.

Running On Red Dog Road is proof that truth is stranger than fiction, especially when it comes to life and faith in an Appalachian childhood.

red dog - noun, residue from burned coal incidental to coal mining that frequently ignites from spontaneous combustion, producing a red-colored ash sometimes used for roads.

Red Dog Road looking north.

Red Dog Road

'Mom! Dad! I'm going to take a walk on Red Dog to look for deer.' If only I had a dollar for every time I uttered that phrase as a kid growing up in the heart of coal country in western Pennsylvania. Yes, Red Dog Road is an actual place in northern Indiana County, and there would be no reason for anyone passing by to take a second glance at it. To probably just about anyone besides me and a select few others, it's just another dusty road in the middle of nowhere, with nothing spectacular about it to passersby. As you read on, I think you'll see that there's more to Red Dog Road than what meets the eye.


At one time the road was surfaced almost entirely with red dog from the nearby Tanoma Mine, but now you have to spend some time looking to find just a few pieces of the brilliant red gravel. The Tanoma Mine opened in 1983 and produced coal until 2000. Many of my friends' dads worked at the mine, and it was a huge hit to the local economy when it shut down.

Red Dog Road, now named Wadas Road, intersects with Rayne Church Road at the north end, and Faith road at the south end.

Using red dog to build roads wasn't uncommon up until the late 1970s because the material was free, and even the driveway of my childhood home was covered with it. It also packed well with use making it a cost-effective surface in an area where very few could afford gravel, let alone concrete or asphalt. Due to a myriad of environmental concerns, use of red dog was discontinued.

I should point out that the road was renamed Wadas Road in the late 1990s when the county was working to achieve 911 standards. The name pays tribute to the Wadas family, which once owned most of the land that paralleled the one mile trek. Vance Wadas was a Christmas tree farmer that served on the boards of directors for the Indiana County Christmas Tree Growers Association and the Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association. This is a pretty big deal because Indiana County is the unofficial Christmas Tree Capital of the World, because the National Christmas Tree Growers Association was founded there. Wadas died in October 2002.

Christmas trees growing along Red Dog Road.

Shortly after Wadas' death, the farm was sold to Ross Bricklemyer who still operates it today growing and selling Scotch pine, white pine, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, concolor fir, Colorado spruce, white spruce, and Norway spruce. If you look closely, you can still find some trees that were planted by Wadas, but most of what you will find now would have been planted by Bricklemyer's crews.

Rayne Presbyterian Church and Cemetery

At the north end of Red Dog Road is the Rayne Presbyterian Church Cemetery. The church is no longer in operation, and the cemetery sits just above the abandoned structure on the hillside. Now you can imagine the fun that can be had by neighborhood kids growing up near a pretty spooky-looking cemetery that sits more or less in the woods, but I'll save those tales for later.

Running on red dog road pdf free download windows 10
Rayne Presbyterian Church Cemetary.
Some of the graves date back to the late 1700s and include Civil War veterans.

Although I haven't walked through the cemetery recently, I'm pretty certain that there are Civil War-era graves there. This would make sense because the church was established on November 16, 1849, and the first church building was erected in 1859 at the cost of just $800. The church has a pretty interesting history and it's worth a little more reading. I attended the summer Bible School there a few times, as did several of the other kids who lived in the area. It's sad to see the building slowly decaying, and it makes me wonder how much longer it will be standing.

The now abandoned Rayne Presbyterian Church.

Other Cool Amenities

The old spring house that sits on the east side of the road at about the midpoint is still standing, although probably not for long. Fresh water continues to flow from the house, ultimately creating an unnamed tributary to Crooked Creek. Crooked Creek was punished heavily by deep coal mining, and for much of my life a significant portion of it was dead due to iron pollution. That's one of the reasons I pursued a conservation-related degree when I went to college, and I was blessed to help with repairing the stream later in my career. The warm water fishery is home to a nice population of smallmouth bass and private trout stocking efforts have been successful over the years, but not consistent. Remarkably, Rayne Run, a small tributary that flows through the old Tanoma Mine property, is about to be listed as a Wild Trout Water by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

The old delapidated spring house is slowly getting reclaimed by the landscape.
Red dog gravel

Running On Red Dog Road Pdf Free Download Windows 10


The little unnamed tributary starting at the spring house continues under Red Dog Road and down the valley below my parents' house. Water still flows from the site as you can see and hear in the video above. I spent countless hours in the small stream as a kid building dams and then stocking them with fish. I also hunted raccoons, deer, squirrels, and other small game there, and will recount some of those adventures on this site. This is also the final resting place of our prized red-tick coonhound, Mindy, who my dad trained from a puppy to eventually become a highly skilled hunter. She died far too young of kidney failure.

Running On Red Dog Road PDF Free Download

The only photo I have of the old barn that used to stand just off of Red Dog Road. This was taken in 1992.

Red Dog Gravel

This is all that remains of the old red barn after the fire and decades of further decay.

Running On Red Dog Road Pdf Free Download Windows

The last notable feature I'll mention is the old red barn that used to stand across from the spring house. While I can't pinpoint the year, I remember it burning down in the late 1990s, and all that remains is the foundation and a few charred boards.

Running On Red Dog Road Pdf Free Download And Install