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The certificate of marriage ensures that a boy and girl are legally marriage. A certificate of marriage is an official recorded document certified by a governmental authority that proves that the couple listed on the marriage certificate has a legal marriage. In most areas, a marriage record is part of the public record. A marriage certificate usually contains who married who, when they were married, where they were married, who married them, and who was there. In some locales, once a marriage license is signed and filed with the county clerk, the license becomes the marriage certificate.

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Certificate of Marriage Format

Certificate of Marriage format consists of the name of the applicants and their parent name and the address of both the applicants along with the date of marriage.

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The certificate of marriage is issued by the government body of that state. The Government issues the certificate and gives permission to the couples to live together legally. It is obligatory to the married couple to register themselves with the Government. The marriage is registered under the Registration of marriage state act under that government.

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In the Certificate Government certifies the name of the Groom and the parent’s name of the groom also the name of the bride and the name of the bride’s parent’s.The certificate states that all the memorandum and clauses of the law has been abided by the married couple.

Certificate of Marriage Online

In this digital world everything is takes place through online. In every country there is a particular official site for applying the certificate of marriage. It is the easiest way of getting certificate of marriage. Now days, our government provides us this facility available on online. Registration of marriage is to be done under the following two acts:
Hindu marriage act, 1955

Hindu marriage act is applicable on Hindus. It applies on the Hindu, Buddhist, Sikhs. This act does not apply on Muslims, christen, and parse or Jew communities. In India, registration of marriage is to be done in any of the above given act. There is no time limit for registration of marriage under Hindu marriage act. In Hindu marriage act, marriage should be registration anytime after marriage.

Certificate of Marriage Registration

Marriage is an adventure, which the couple, Bride and the Groom should cover together, with every others support and assent. The means secured, the choices taken ought to be in understanding and approval with the life Partner. Marriage is an obligation of two creatures, a Bride and a Groom, shared for a period, which is long lasting. The Bride and Groom, from the exceptionally beginning of their Marriage are made to take a promise that whatever, they will do, will be in agreement to the every others life and factors influencing them.

Certificate of Marriage Templates

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Birth Certificates (and Delayed Birth Certificates)

  • Application for a Copy of a North Carolina Birth Certificate (PDF, 757 KB)
  • Note: For a delayed birth certificate, a search must first be conducted by our office to determine whether a certificate already exists, before the county register of deeds where the birth occurred can proceed. See the Delayed Birth Certificates page for more explanation of the process and fees for obtaining a delayed birth certificate.

Death, Marriage, or Divorce Certificates

  • Application for North Carolina Death, Marriage or Divorce Record (PDF, 295 KB)

Changes to Birth or Death Certificates

Separated @ birth pdf free download windows 10

Separated @ Birth PDF Free Download

  • Request to Amend a Record (PDF, 701 KB) - This form is used only to make an amendment request and does not authorize any changes to the record. After we receive your amendment request form with the requested change and the fee, we will evaluate your request and respond in writing with further instructions.
  • For marriage certificate changes, contact the county register of deeds where the marriage license was issued.
  • For divorce certificate changes, contact the county clerk of court where the divorce was filed.

Separated @ Birth Pdf Free Download 64 Bit

Report of Fetal Death and/or Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth

Separated @ Birth Pdf Free Download Free

  • Application for a Copy of a North Carolina Report of Fetal Death and/or Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth (PDF, 329 KB)