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Referencing Singin' To My Baby, LP, Album, HA-U.2093 Have found this unusual and rare variant sleeve which you will note has tucked in internal flaps and a different printer. However it is STILL the same flippy floppy laminated thin card cover as per 50s issues.

  • Singin' The Blues. Arranged for brass quintet by Jayan Nandagopan. Based on the 1927 recoring by Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer. About SMP Press. This product was created by a member of SMP Press, our global community of independent composers, arrangers, and songwriters.
  • Singin' in the Rain includes some of the best-loved comedy routines, dance numbers, and love songs ever written, including “Good Mornin’,” “Make ‘em Laugh,” and - of course - the show-stopping dance number, “Singin’ in the Rain.”.

Posted on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 by Hoai-Tran Bui

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching, why it’s worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)

The Movie: Singin’ in the Rain

Where You Can Stream It: HBO Max

The Pitch: Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) is a silent film star who finds his career threatened by the transition to “talkies.” When his new film with his frequent movie partner and arrogant diva Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) bombs at the test screening, they decide to rework it as a musical, but there’s only one problem: Lina can’t sing. They hire Kathy (Debbie Reynolds), a beautiful young aspiring actress and Don’s new beau, to record over her voice, but the ruse can only be kept up for so long.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: No one’s doing it like Gene Kelly, and maybe no one ever will.

To this day, Singin’ in the Rain is still one of my favorite movie musicals. It’s my comfort watch, one that I can go back to again and again because I know it backwards and forwards. And yet, despite being comfortably predictable, the 1952 Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen musical still remains in a class unto its own. This is not a dig at any contemporary movie musicals that have recently hit theaters (though I would gladly bash any musical directed by Tom Hooper), but just a chance to express awe at our musical idol of old, Gene Kelly.

Kelly is luminous in Singin’ in the Rain. There are other movie musicals where he does harder stunts (see: his roller skating number in It’s Always Fair Weather) or are more impressive dance-wise (that legendary American in Parisballet sequence), but Singin’ in the Rain remains the platonic ideal of the Gene Kelly musical — nay, the classic movie musical. I can anticipate West Side Story fans piling on me for this statement, which is fair, but the thing that makes Singin’ in the Rain such a stone-cold classic is not just the iconic songs or how well-choreographed the dances are, but the star power.

For Kelly, I don’t need to explain why. But I will. A skilled athlete (he nearly became a professional hockey player) before he ever went into the movie business, Kelly possesses that kind of all-American charisma and learned grace that comes with being a former athlete who learned how to dance, rather than the other way around. He’s almost preternaturally athletic, but doesn’t have that kind of fleet-footed dexterity that longtime professional dancers like Fred Astaire or even his Singin’ in the Rain co-star Donald O’Connor have. For Kelly, that works in his favor, giving him a sort of grounded appeal of the quarterback who just happens to be able to dance beautifully.

That extends to his performance outside of dancing too. Kelly is the kind of easygoing, effortless star who instantly becomes a magnet for everyone’s eyes — and he knows it. But he’s got the humility to be slightly bashful about it and even poke fun at himself; there’s some grade-A slapstick and physical comedy that Kelly pulls off in Singin’ in the Rain that get overlooked for its more memorable numbers. There’s a reason my favorite number isn’t one of the oft-cited classics, but “Moses Supposes,” a silly tap-dancing two-hander between Kelly and O’Connor that is just the two of them fooling around with a diction coach while breezing through some intricate tap steps. It’s what I think of first when I think of Singin’ in the Rain: that meeting between Kelly’s learned athletic grace and O’Connor’s natural dancerly grace, all during a nonsensical musical number in which everyone gets to play the stooge, but they all look good doing it.

That I can go long on a number that people rarely talk about compared to its most beloved sequences — Singin’ in the Rain, Make ‘Em Laugh, Good Morning, that gorgeous ballet-Broadway number with Kelly and Cyd Charisse — is probably a testament to how good Singin’ in the Rain is. I fear I’ve lost the plot on discussing why Singin’ in the Rain is the platonic ideal of the musical when I realize all I wanted to do was rave about Gene Kelly, but let’s end it here. Singin’ in the Rain is just that good.

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Quick Facts
  1. Singin' in the Sun


Comment by Zyland

The sunbeams you're looking for are very easy to spot.
They're located just north of whee you were searching for rich soil and killing bugs.

Comment by RappScallion

The title of the quest is obviously a reference to the classic musical 'Singin' in the rain' from 1952.

Comment by ryanbarr

My Sapling Protector decided he would sit near a lake and stop following me after three beams. After getting fed up with trying to make him follow me, I continued on to the other two sunbeams which, for whatever reason, were still registered to complete the quest.

Comment by Haphasto

If you're like me, and hearthed out of the area before attempting this quest and can't get your sapling back, simply go to the hill in the middle of the petrified trees, log out then log back in, within a few seconds of logging back in your sappling should appear.

Comment by leaderavia

so. cute.

Comment by Garneth

For some reason my sapling was going under the sun and not registering it for the quest count. Relogging has fixed the issue.

Comment by Quilan

I'm singin' in the Sun.
Just singin' in the Sun.
What a glorious feelin', I'm happy again.

Comment by TheSonicGod

Do this quest separately from ' '
For some reason, they interfere with each other, generating two Saplings, which confounds the script.
What I did is I finished the first quest, logged out, deleted my caches, logged back in, then accepted the quest Singin' in the Sun. After which, my sapling followed me to the sunlight where I took him. He instantly turned direction. FOLLOW the Sapling down south a few paces. He will stop and wave his arms in the air (casting a spell). This will give you credit for the quest. Repeat this 4 more times.
This quest is a weird one... not sure if a bug or something bizarre.

Comment by 1017617

Confirmed.....I couldn't figure out why the little idiot kept running off when I entered the beam but he runs back to the burned area and you have to follow him. He gets excited then you get the credit. Thanks for the posts. Another one I was about to say 'glitch'.

Comment by CptAwesome771

My sapling was doing something really strange as well:
He'd follow me into the sunbeam, and then start running away from me -- always running directly to 50.2, 28
Only then would he stop to cast his spell, and only then would I get the credit. Weird.

Comment by haideau

Quest is bugged now. The little treant NPC will walk to another area then counts your sunbeam

Comment by kerrymayall

This treant is so happy he could crap (cos that is what it looks like he leaves on ground when he gets to his destination!)

Comment by gumaraid

A very important nuance that is not clear in the description of this quest. After you enter the beam of light the Sapling Protector will run off back to the burnt area in the south. You MUST follow him until he stops to get credit for the beam.

Comment by 789238

I made the mistake of canceling this quest. Don't, you're not able to pick it back up. The only reason I removed it was because the sapling disappered after running back to the burnt soil and did not return even after logging out and back in, or reloading the ui.

Comment by ilostmahbucket

Chase the little fella down 'til he stops runnin' and you get credit.

Comment by dtylertx

I can confirm this bug is a positional thing.. for instance.. the sunbeam was at 50.5 x 22.0 and we ran to 50.3 x 28.0 - annoying but not a total glitch

Comment by LuckyGhoul

If you happen to drop this quest because your sapling wanders off and you don't know where he went - Fear Not!
Thanks to the magic of Cross Realm Zones, if you drop this quest, but happen upon someone else doing it in the same area, you can interact with their pet and reacquire the quest.
To date, this is the only positive use of Cross Realm Zones.

Comment by Boxofbeer

Singin' in the Sun

Comment by WoWGnGP

i made i playthrough of this quest if anyone wish to see how to do it :)

Comment by Xoxotl

As a rogue, I found that the easiest way to complete this was to stealth and lead the sapling to the sunlight without engaging the mobs. Only after I finished this quest would I then complete These Roots Were Made For Stompin'.
Attempting to do both at the same time would cause the NPC to bug out and disappear. If this happens, go back to the hills where you initially got him and re-log. He'll respawn once you log back in.

Comment by Aerynsun8449

Ok, another group quest where blizzard programmers didn't take the time to think. Sunbeam Credit, apparently only hit ONE Sapling Protector before vanishing. Really blizzard, group members don't get credit when they're both standing in the same sun beam? And, of course, the respawn rate of the sun beams is horrendous to say the least. With Two other people doing this quest along with my group, there simply wasn't enough sun beams to go around without waiting and waiting . . . and waiting.

Comment by dasbaum

If you dropped the quest. The quest marker on the map will be at the wrong spot.
Go to the Iron Tree Woods at 48 / 24 instead (where the 3 big protectors are petrified).
As soon as you are in the quest zone, Sapling Protector will spawn next to you and you can get the quest from him again.
I didn't have to relog, but if you don't see him immediately do a relog.
Guide the Sapling Protector to 5 shafts of sunlight in Irontree Woods.
Sunbeams basked in (5)


We're growing so much bigger... It's time to shine! Time to spread our leaves to the sun!
Take me to the sun! The sun is far away, but its light comes to us. Its light makes us big and strong again. The light comes down the big branches to the little ones like ours.
Over there! The sun comes to us in the north! Take us with you, take us to dance!


So warm and fresh and full of life. We love the sun, it makes us stronger.
Soon now, very soon is the time of growing...


You will receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
See if you've already completed this by typing:



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