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In a nomadic state of society every man, from the sheikh down to the slave, is more or less a shepherd. The progenitors of the Jews in the patriarchal age were nomads, and their history is rich in scenes of pastoral life. A Shepherd Boy tended his master's Sheep near a dark forest not far from the village. Soon he found life in the pasture very dull. All he could do to amuse himself was to talk to his dog or play on his shepherd's pipe. One day as he sat watching the Sheep and the quiet forest, and thinking what he would do should he see a Wolf, he thought of. If you want more information about The Chosen project, directed by Dallas Jenkins please check the link below. The Trespass era epics 'The Shepherd', 'Pacidy' and 'Let Us Make Love' were all recorded in April 1970 with drummer Jonathan Mayhew and guitarist Anthony Phillips still on board, (alongside 'Stagnation' and 'Looking For Someone'), but would journey no further through the band's repertoire. Similarly 'lost' is 'Twilight Alehouse', recorded for.

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Summary: This is a prayer adapted from Psalm 23 during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Brothers and Sisters, I wish to share a prayer with you. Do pray along with this prayer which is adapted from *Psalm 23*.

May you be strengthened and encouraged by this prayer.

Dear Lord Jesus ,


I declare that you are my Shepherd and I am your sheep.

I will not lack any thing that I need for myself, family and work.

You have given me your divine provision (GREEN PASTURE ).

And you lead me by your Precious Word ( STILL WATER ) to bring restoration and peace to my soul.

Even though I walk through the valley of challenges and trials during the COVID-19 pandemic, I will not fear any kind of danger, illness or financial lack because your Presence is with me.

You will protect me with your mighty power ( THE SHEPHERD’S ROD ).

And you will assure and guide me with your Holy Spirit and wisdom ( THE SHEPHERD’S STAFF ).


You have prepared a table of abundance for me in the midst of adversities ( MY ENEMIES ).

The Shepherd's Life PDF Free Download

You anoint my head with the oil of your Holy Spirit and my cup overflows with your blessings.

I am confident that goodness and mercy from the Lord will come upon me as long as I live.

The Shepherd' S Life Pdf Free Download Free

And I will dwell with you in the house of the Lord forever.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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